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4 Must-Have Glass Features for Your New Solarium

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A solarium, also known as a sunroom or solar room, is an addition to your home that is similar to an enclosed porch with walls that are entirely or mostly glass. While you can order pre-made solarium and sunroom kits, having custom glass designed and formed for the structure allows you to take advantage of more advanced features. Build a more beautiful, longer lasting solarium with these four important glass features. Double-Pane Glass Two layers of glass with a gap for air in between offers the best insulation value. Why does a solarium need to be insulated? Glass itself in a single layer allows a lot of heat to escape through it, either warming up your home in summer or making it colder in the winter. This contributes to higher heating and cooling bills. By paying a little more for double-pane glass from the bottom to the top of your solarium, you’ll spend less in the long run on keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. Don’t wait until you see the higher costs on monthly bills to realize that you need double-paned glass panels. Aluminum Framing The strongest and thickest pieces of glass can only withstand the rigors of storms and snow loads when they’re supported by a proper frame. For the best balance of strength, cost, durability, and attractiveness, choose aluminum frames. These frames come in practically any color and finish to resemble wood and other materials, but they require a lot less maintenance over the lifetime of the solarium. Aluminum also resists the tendency to swell, shrink, or warp due to humidity and temperature changes. Tempered Glass Choosing tempered glass is essential for even the smallest solariums designed to use solely for houseplants. If a falling branch or a flying piece of debris strikes the glass and causes it to crack or break, the tempering process ensures that the glass breaks into small and even pieces with few cutting edges. Non-tempered glass breaks into large shards that are very sharp. Tempering also makes the glass stronger and better able to handle temperature changes. Thermal Breaking Finally, look for glass panels that are thermally broken and tightly sealed. These double-pane units feature a clear insulation film to keep temperature differences on different sides of the glass from putting pressure on the windows and breaking the seal between it and the frames. Thermally broken glass lasts the longest and requires the fewest repairs to maintain a water tight seal around each panel. To learn more about your options, contact a local glass...

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Two Ways You Can Use The “Broken Window” Theory To Help You Fight Graffiti

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The “broken window” theory is a name used to refer to the phenomenon that occurs when a badly maintained building or facility becomes more likely to be targeted for vandalism than a building that is better maintained (this could include literal broken windows or could be simply figurative). There are several reasons for this, one of which is that if it seems like nobody cares what happens to the place, vandals feel like they are less likely to be caught and suffer repercussions for their actions. But the “broken window” theory isn’t just useful for thought experiments; when applied to your business, it can actually help you develop a better plan to prevent acts of vandalism, such as graffiti tagging on your windows. Here are two ways you can apply it to this end. 1. Keep the building well-maintained and include a touch of personal style The broken-window psychology goes both ways. Vandals are even less likely to target a space that has style, taste, and community ownership written all over it (figuratively, that is). So making sure your unique personality shines through and tailoring the decor and landscaping to your customers’ needs and to your company’s personality can help to repel all but the most determined and desperate vandals. One specific example of this is that it’s important not to leave any walls “blank” (flat and neutral-colored). Blank walls on the outside of your building tend to catch the eye, and graffiti “artists” will be of the opinion that since nobody else is “using” the wall, they might as well decorate it. You can easily prevent this by simply deciding to “decorate” it yourself, whether with a painted mural, a trellis with plants growing up it, or simply a textured surface and dark-colored paint. This shows that the wall is “occupied” and not simply there for the taking. If you take this approach to decorating the outside of your business, you’ll be able to protect not only the walls, but also the windows more effectively. 2. Never allow graffiti to stand for more than a couple of hours If you ever do have the unfortunate experience of coming in to work in the morning and seeing graffiti on a wall or window, you’ll probably want to get rid of it right away. But if it’s a super-busy day and everyone’s running late, there may seem to simply not be time to get it taken care of until after lunch or even the next business day. It’s important not to allow any delay; first, because of the broken-window theory, your business is more vulnerable to other graffiti as long as it’s carrying one graffiti tag, so the problem could proliferate if not taken care of at once. Second, because graffiti “artists” are looking for exposure for their work, leaving it up for an entire business day sends a much less stern message to them than getting it taken care of the same morning. Even if all you do is call a painter as soon as you see the mark or cover the window with a window shade and shutters until you can have the glass repaired or replaced, giving the graffiti as little exposure as possible is a crucial way to make the vandal feel like their work was in vain...

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Injured Arms: 3 Sliding Door Repairs To Make Opening & Access Easier

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Injuring your arm can really put a damper on your everyday life and tasks. Actions that used to come easily may now seem like a huge challenge. If you have a sliding glass door at your home, then you may realize how tough it is to put your strength into the door and gain access with just one pull. As your arm heals, you have the option of hiring a glass door specialist to help with the situation. There are three maintenance repairs that can be made on the doors. Each one of these repairs will make it easier to open the door and eliminate any strain that is applied to your injured arm. Track Replacement After years of use, a sliding glass door can jam or get stuck each time that it slides open. This can present a number of challenges with your injured arm. Sudden jolts or quick stops can lead to pain in the arm. One reason for this occurring is a warped or damaged track that makes it hard for the door to slide on. Replacing the track will make it a lot easier to open and shut on a daily basis. The door will slide smoothly and reach an open or shut position with ease. Roller Adjustments & Replacements Along with the track, the rollers on a sliding glass door are essential for smooth operations. If the rollers are too tight or too smooth, then the door can become hard to push or pull. A small chip or crack in the rollers can also make it challenging to move the door around. A repair technician can inspect the rollers and make adjustments as needed. If damage is observed, then the rollers can be completely replaced to help make the door operational again. Deep Cleaning & Part Replacements Dirt, grime, and debris can all contribute to the hindrance of a sliding glass door. The grit can cause friction that makes it a challenge to open with healthy arms, never mind if you have broken ones. A repair technician can perform a deep cleaning on the door to eliminate all of this debris. Dried dirt can be removed from the track and small parts can be replaced if they’ve been damaged or rusted out due to moisture. Replacing these parts will help extend the life of the door and make it a lot easier to manage through your arm injury. A repair technician can typically complete these repairs and part replacements within a single day. Contact repair shops like Avenue Glass Shop for more information and pricing...

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Types Of Home Glass Repair Services

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While most consumers think of window glass when they think of a glass repair company, fixing that broken pane in your window is just one of many residential services offered by most glass repair companies.  When to call a residential glass repair company 1. When your window pane is broken. Of course, the primary business of a home glass company is to repair and replace window glass. This can be the result of a broken pane or if you want to replace your window glass with more energy efficient multi-pane glass. 2. For a shattered or chipped glass tabletop. Glass tabletops can take a lot of abuse, especially if they are used regularly as a family dining table or family room coffee table. A good residential glass repair company can buff out small imperfections and chips before they can become major issues that make you have to replace the entire piece of glass. 3. For mirror repair or replacement. Do you want to add a custom mirror behind your bathroom sink? A residential glass company can cut one to order and even install it. If you happen to get a chip in the edge of the mirror, a good glass company can grind it down so that it is much less noticeable. If that’s not possible, they are the people to call to install a new mirror. 4. For an affordable alternative to expensive framing and picture repair. For most framing projects, simple window glass is a cheap alternative to expensive glass used by most framing studios. Bring in the frame or the measurements of the picture and have the glass company cut a piece of glass to order. 5. To repair your glass kitchen countertop or backsplash. Tempered glass is being used increasingly often for sleek, modern kitchen counters and backsplashes. Although this material is more durable than window glass, it isn’t indestructible and can be damaged if someone drops a heavy object on it.If this happens, a residential glass repair company can help make your kitchen beautiful again. Home glass repair companies aren’t just the people to call when you neighbor’s son or daughter throws an errant softball through your living room window. This type of company can help with a number of home repair issues, everything from fixing that chipped mirror to repairing your dining room table to cutting an affordable piece of glass for your DIY picture framing project....

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Protect Your Motor Boat’s Windshield From Damage

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After a new windshield is installed in your motor boat, protect it from damage with the following tips. As a result, you can cruise through the ocean or another body of water without your vision being obstructed. Cover The Windshield While The Boat Is Docked Purchase a vinyl or cloth cover to place over the windshield while the boat is docked. Many covers can be secured with magnetic strips. Others may come with straps or adhesive to help keep them in place. Once a cover is secured to your watercraft, any debris that is blown around during storms will not accidentally fall onto the glass and cause it to crack. Staining will also not become an issue. When you are ready to take your boat into a body of water, remove the cover and store it inside of the boat until you would like to use it again. Protect The Windshield Wipers During Icy Or Windy Weather If the weather is predicted to be icy or windy while out on the water, cover the wipers with long socks so that they do not get any residue on them. Ice pieces and dirt may stick to the blades and cause scratches to appear in the windshield’s surface when the wipers are turned on. Once the weather has cleared up and you are ready to move your boat to dry ground, remove the socks. Whenever it is raining in the future and you need to use the wipers, the blades will move smoothly over the glass, effectively removing moisture so that you can see. Use A Protective Glass Aid Some products are designed to repel moisture and add a protective coating on top of glass. When water hits the glass, it will bead up and roll down the windshield’s surface. This type of product will effectively reduce the amount of dirt that gets on your boat’s windshield. As a result, dry residue won’t stain the glass or cause permanent damage, which would require replacement from a company like Econo Glass Company. Purchase a protective glass product from an automotive supplier or marine shop. Apply the product to a dry, clean windshield. Rub it into the glass surface, using a lint-free cloth. Once the windshield is dry, it will have an extra layer of protection. Add more of the product when needed.  After using all of the tips provided, your boat’s windshield will remain damage-free so that you can enjoy using your watercraft whenever you want and see clearly through the...

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3 Shower Cleaning Hacks When You Have A Glass Shower Door

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Cleaning a shower can involve a lot of crawling around on your hands and knees and utilizing elbow grease to try and scrub off stubborn soap scum. If you have a glass shower door, the cleaning can seem even more daunting since the door constantly looks foggy or water streaked. But there are a few quick hacks that can make cleaning your shower a breeze even if you have a glass shower enclosure. And many of these tips will extend the amount of time between cleanings to make your life even easier. Just Use Vinegar You might think you need several specialized cleaning sprays to clean your shower. But you only need a key cleaning ingredient: plain old white vinegar. The white vinegar is a grime warrior that can battle even stubborn soap scum on any surface within your shower – including that glass shower door. The downside is that vinegar doesn’t smell lovely. You can curb the stink by mixing two parts vinegar with one part water – so, one cup vinegar to half cup water, for example – and adding in five to 10 drops of essential oil such as tea tree or eucalyptus to cut down the smell. Put this combination in a spray bottle and set it inside your bathroom or even the shower for easy spraying and cleaning. When you do your initial deep clean, spray the cleaner on everything that’s dirty and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before returning for the rinse down. If your shower has a handheld showerhead, you can simply use that to rinse off the cleaner. Otherwise, you can use a damp sponge – or a squeegee. Stock a Squeegee A cleaning squeegee with a long handle is a great way to clean your shower without having to crawl around on the ground. But you might want to consider stocking a second, shorter squeegee in either your bathroom or mounted inside the shower itself. Soap scum and mildew take hold when you leave the shower and the walls are still wet. If you use a squeegee, and perhaps some of your vinegar cleaner, on the walls immediately after you get out of the shower, you can push away most of that excess moisture and minimize the risk of scum or mold developing. You might feel odd using a squeegee every time you get out of the shower. But this quick hack can greatly reduce the frequency of your deep shower cleanings. Windshield Treatment Spray Head to the automotive section of your local big box or hardware store and you should quickly spot windshield treatment spray that’s designed to keep rain from accumulating on the glass. There’s no magical quality to windshield glass that makes the spray work. The same spray and principal can apply to your shower door glass. After you do your initial deep clean of the shower, spray the windshield treatment fluid in an even coat on the inside of the door and allow to dry before using the shower. The windshield treatment will make the interior of the glass easier to squeegee clean and will minimize the risk of soap scum or water streaks. For shower enclosures, contact a company such as Aladdin’s Glass & Screen Products...

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Three Ways To Prevent A Windshield Chip From Expanding Into A Crack

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When you’re driving your vehicle and your windshield is hit by an errant rock flung by another vehicle’s tire, you’ll often find yourself carefully scanning the glass to detect signs of damage. Often, the contact with the rock will result in a tiny chip; although the damage might seem harmless, it’s important to avoid taking it lightly. A chip is quick and easy for your local auto glass shop to repair. If you allow the chip to grow into a crack, you’ll typically need to have the entire windshield replaced. Fortunately, your actions can limit the risk of the chip spreading until you’re able to schedule a repair appointment. Here are three things you can do. Plan Your Driving Route Carefully It’s ideal to use your vehicle sparingly until your repair appointment, but if you can’t get away without driving, it’s advantageous to be smart about how you plan your driving route. It’s best to avoid driving on back roads, as these are often made of gravel; as such, there’s a higher risk of another vehicle’s tire throwing a rock at your vehicle. If you’re not sure if you’ll encounter any unpaved roads on your route, use an online map service. It’s also ideal to avoid roads with excessive pot holes; in many cities, you’ll be able to find an online poll of the city’s worst roads due to pot holes. You can then make plans to avoid these roads to prevent making the chip grow due to vibration. Don’t Change The Temperature Suddenly One of the quickest ways for your windshield chip to expand into a crack is through a sudden temperature change. You can avoid the risk of this issue regardless of the season. When it’s cold, don’t heat your vehicle with the dashboard heater; instead, position the setting so that the heat comes through the lower vents and keeps direct heat off the glass. In the summer, take the same approach with your air conditioner settings or drive with the windows down to change the interior temperature of the vehicle in a slower manner. Be Careful With Vibrations A vibration in your vehicle sends a transfer of energy throughout the frame that can travel into your windshield and cause your chip to grow. Be vigilant about avoiding these troublesome vibrations each time you close your doors, hood and trunk. Slamming can directly affect the windshield chip, so take care to close everything gently through the use of firm pressure rather than a sudden slam. For glass repair or replacement, contact a company such as Action...

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5 Ways To Maintain Your Car’s Windshield’s Visibility During Winter

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Winter can be a tough time for your windshield and visibility. If you live in an area with frost and snow, it is even tougher to keep that windshield free and clear of ice. In some cases, clearing ice the wrong way can cause damage to your windshield. Here are five tips for making sure that your windshield remains clear and trouble-free during the cold winter months. Shelter your car: Keeping your car completely ice free from the beginning is the best way to protect your windshield. Shelter your car in a garage or carport whenever possible, especially overnight. If this isn’t possible, try using an exterior windshield cover to keep your windshield ice-free. Use proper tools: Specially made ice scrapers and snow brooms are ideal for clearing ice and snow, but standard brooms can also be used. Ideal scrapers are made of thick, hard plastic and are structured to give enough leverage for scraping. Never use a shovel to clear ice. Though it can be tempting, do not use your hammer with your scraper to chisel anything off the windshield. Change your wipers and washer fluid: Be sure to change your wipers to stronger, winter wipers as soon as cold weather starts. Special winter wipers are more durable and are less likely to stick to the windshield. Change your window washer fluid as well. Winter blends often come with a de-icer and anti-fog components. Fix cracks: Be sure to fix any cracks or chips to the windshield before winter, if possible. Cold weather can exacerbate cracks, especially with the repeated heating and thawing that windshields go through during the winter. Add the need for using an ice scraper over these cracks and they will continue to get worse. It is also recommended that you have the seal around the windshield checked, especially if you’ve been hearing the wind whistling through. Clean the inside of the windshield: Many people may not realize that it is as important to keep the inside of the windshield as clean as the outside. Oily film frequently builds up over time and can severely reduce visibility. Add frost and ice, and the situation can become dangerous. Be sure to make a habit of at least wiping down the inside of the windshield on a regular basis. Taking care and protecting your windshield from ice will mean good visibility and safe driving for the months to come. If your windshield is damaged, take it to an auto glass repair shop like Premiere Glass And Mirror as soon as possible before it gets...

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4 Simple Design Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look Larger

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Do you have a small bathroom that feels cramped and crowded? Are you looking for ways to make it look larger? An extensive remodel or renovation may be physically impossible, and it may be out of your budget, too. Tearing down walls and moving fixtures can get expensive. However, the good news is that you don’t need a costly renovation to make your bathroom appear larger. There are simple tips you can take to make the bathroom look less cluttered and to give it a more spacious appearance. Here are four simple design tips that can make even the tiniest of bathrooms appear larger: Eliminate transitions. You might be tempted to paint one wall a different color or create a contrast between the walls and the flooring. However, a small space usually isn’t the best area to experiment with color. Every time you create a color transition, you’re also dividing the room into visual sections. The result is that the eye is drawn to each color section rather than viewing the room as a whole. That makes the room look smaller. Instead, try to use one consistent palette throughout the room. If you have tile floors, they should complement the wall color. If you put tile on a shower wall, have that tile be an extension of the rest of the room and make sure the tile goes from the floor to the ceiling. You may also want to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. That will make the room look even bigger. Increase the natural light. Some homeowners have a tendency to block their bathroom windows with thick shutters or heavy curtains or blinds. The idea is that they want to protect their privacy. While privacy is important, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your bathroom’s appearance. Instead, consider something like a translucent film that can be applied to most windows. It will allows natural light to shine through, but will prevent anyone from seeing inside. You could also use stained glass windows, which can enhance the room aesthetic while also protecting privacy and allowing sunlight in. Get rid of the shower curtain. Another big mistake is to use a shower curtain or a dark divider to separate your shower from the rest of the bathroom. Your shower is an important part of the bathroom space. It takes up a significant portion of the room’s square footage. If you cut it off visually with a curtain, you’re basically removing that square footage from the room’s appearance. Instead, look at getting a glass shower door. That will bring the shower into the rest of the room, making the overall room look much larger.  For more information, visit a store like Enterprise Glass Co Inc that sells glass shower doors and other bathroom accessories. They can help you find everything you need to make your bathroom look...

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How To Repair Old Windows Without Replacing Them

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If your home has old windows, you might hate the way that they look. Older windows can be an eyesore on an otherwise beautiful home and can make your house appear to be quite dated. Plus, older windows that aren’t in good shape can affect the comfort level of your home and can cause energy efficiency issues when it comes to heating and cooling. Although you might know that it’s time to do something about your windows, you might not have the money in your budget to replace them. Luckily, following these tips can help you get your windows in good shape without having to spend as much money. Replace the Panes If any of your windows have broken or cracked glass, you might think that you will have to replace them. This is not the case, however. Instead, you can take careful measurements of the glass that needs to be replaced and then head to a glass cutting company, like Glass Service Center Inc, to have a piece of glass cut to size. You can then remove the old glass from the window, remove the putty with heat, and install the new piece of glass. It’s a great option if one of your windows has been broken or if it has a crack Use Caulk Next, you should consider using a tube of caulk to make repairs to your old windows. Caulk is easy to use if you use a caulking gun, and it can be used to fill in any cracks around your window that might be allowing the outdoor elements to affect your home. Caulking your windows is a nice way to fill in unsightly cracks, and it also helps with energy efficiency. Just make sure that you do not use any more than necessary; just a very thin stripe should be sufficient for most cracks and imperfections. Paint Over time, it’s normal for the casing around your windows to start to look unsightly. A great choice is to use paint. Carefully clean the area, sand down any old paint, then prime it. Also, make sure that you use painter’s tape to protect the panes from paint stains. Once the casing around your windows has a fresh coat of paint, you’re sure to tell the difference. As you can see, there are a lot of steps that you can take to repair old windows without replacing them. If you follow these steps, you can make your old windows look fantastic without having to spend the money to replace...

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