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DIY Window Replacement

It's not as hard as you might think it is to replace a window. Usually, I prefer to have an experienced glass company take care of it when I need a window replaced, but sometimes, they can't get to me as fast as I'd like, or I can't afford a new window right away. I keep a few inexpensive panes of glass and some supplies in my garage so that I can temporarily replace a window until I can get the glass company to my house to install a better one. This is definitely something that anyone could learn to do, so I decided to start a blog about it to try to teach others how to replace windows. Whether you're temporarily replacing a window or you want to do a permanent job, you can learn the basics here in this blog.

DIY Window Replacement

Make A Style Statement With French Doors

Audrey Owens

Yes, a door is a door. However, when you're talking about French doors, a simple door can be transformed into so much more. French doors are more than just a functional entry and exit point. This door selection is meant to be a style statement. Even if you don't think French doors are right for your home, you might be surprised to discover that they offer a number of unique uses that just might appeal to you.

Window Shortage

On a beautiful day, the light from the sun can add warmth and comfort to any space. One of the main sources of appeal for French doors is their wide open design. In many ways, French doors are basically large windows that function as doors.

If you have a space in your home that doesn't have very many windows, and you wish you could bring in more natural light, French doors can offer a solution. Instead of paying a high cost to have windows installed, you can simply replace the existing door in the space with this option.

Open Floor Plan

In modern home design, a common trend is an open floor plan. Instead of breaking up the different spaces into separate rooms, homes are designed with open areas that allow you to easily flow from one area to another. While appealing, sometimes you do want to separate an area without necessarily closing it off.

Take a connected living and dining space. If you're entertaining in the dining room and your children are in the living room, it would be nice to have the option to separate the two spaces. Installing French doors between the two creates two separate and private spaces without boxing them in.


French doors can also add a sense of luxury to a space. There is something more royal and dramatic about walking through French doors that you simply don't get with a regular door. This is especially true when it comes to your master bathroom.

If space permits, consider installing French doors at the entrance of your master bathroom for an automatic face lift. This can help the space feel larger and more intimate. If you're concerned about privacy, instead of installing a door with glass panels, install solid panel doors.

When it comes to French doors, it's a good idea to think outside the box. French doors aren't necessarily a traditional interior home option, so it's important that you think of nontraditional uses as well.  

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