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DIY Window Replacement

It's not as hard as you might think it is to replace a window. Usually, I prefer to have an experienced glass company take care of it when I need a window replaced, but sometimes, they can't get to me as fast as I'd like, or I can't afford a new window right away. I keep a few inexpensive panes of glass and some supplies in my garage so that I can temporarily replace a window until I can get the glass company to my house to install a better one. This is definitely something that anyone could learn to do, so I decided to start a blog about it to try to teach others how to replace windows. Whether you're temporarily replacing a window or you want to do a permanent job, you can learn the basics here in this blog.

DIY Window Replacement

Three Ways To Prevent A Windshield Chip From Expanding Into A Crack

Audrey Owens

When you're driving your vehicle and your windshield is hit by an errant rock flung by another vehicle's tire, you'll often find yourself carefully scanning the glass to detect signs of damage. Often, the contact with the rock will result in a tiny chip; although the damage might seem harmless, it's important to avoid taking it lightly. A chip is quick and easy for your local auto glass shop to repair. If you allow the chip to grow into a crack, you'll typically need to have the entire windshield replaced. Fortunately, your actions can limit the risk of the chip spreading until you're able to schedule a repair appointment. Here are three things you can do.

Plan Your Driving Route Carefully

It's ideal to use your vehicle sparingly until your repair appointment, but if you can't get away without driving, it's advantageous to be smart about how you plan your driving route. It's best to avoid driving on back roads, as these are often made of gravel; as such, there's a higher risk of another vehicle's tire throwing a rock at your vehicle. If you're not sure if you'll encounter any unpaved roads on your route, use an online map service. It's also ideal to avoid roads with excessive pot holes; in many cities, you'll be able to find an online poll of the city's worst roads due to pot holes. You can then make plans to avoid these roads to prevent making the chip grow due to vibration.

Don't Change The Temperature Suddenly

One of the quickest ways for your windshield chip to expand into a crack is through a sudden temperature change. You can avoid the risk of this issue regardless of the season. When it's cold, don't heat your vehicle with the dashboard heater; instead, position the setting so that the heat comes through the lower vents and keeps direct heat off the glass. In the summer, take the same approach with your air conditioner settings or drive with the windows down to change the interior temperature of the vehicle in a slower manner.

Be Careful With Vibrations

A vibration in your vehicle sends a transfer of energy throughout the frame that can travel into your windshield and cause your chip to grow. Be vigilant about avoiding these troublesome vibrations each time you close your doors, hood and trunk. Slamming can directly affect the windshield chip, so take care to close everything gently through the use of firm pressure rather than a sudden slam.

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