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It's not as hard as you might think it is to replace a window. Usually, I prefer to have an experienced glass company take care of it when I need a window replaced, but sometimes, they can't get to me as fast as I'd like, or I can't afford a new window right away. I keep a few inexpensive panes of glass and some supplies in my garage so that I can temporarily replace a window until I can get the glass company to my house to install a better one. This is definitely something that anyone could learn to do, so I decided to start a blog about it to try to teach others how to replace windows. Whether you're temporarily replacing a window or you want to do a permanent job, you can learn the basics here in this blog.

DIY Window Replacement

3 Shower Cleaning Hacks When You Have A Glass Shower Door

Audrey Owens

Cleaning a shower can involve a lot of crawling around on your hands and knees and utilizing elbow grease to try and scrub off stubborn soap scum. If you have a glass shower door, the cleaning can seem even more daunting since the door constantly looks foggy or water streaked.

But there are a few quick hacks that can make cleaning your shower a breeze even if you have a glass shower enclosure. And many of these tips will extend the amount of time between cleanings to make your life even easier.

Just Use Vinegar

You might think you need several specialized cleaning sprays to clean your shower. But you only need a key cleaning ingredient: plain old white vinegar. The white vinegar is a grime warrior that can battle even stubborn soap scum on any surface within your shower – including that glass shower door.

The downside is that vinegar doesn't smell lovely. You can curb the stink by mixing two parts vinegar with one part water – so, one cup vinegar to half cup water, for example – and adding in five to 10 drops of essential oil such as tea tree or eucalyptus to cut down the smell. Put this combination in a spray bottle and set it inside your bathroom or even the shower for easy spraying and cleaning.

When you do your initial deep clean, spray the cleaner on everything that's dirty and let it sit for at least 10 minutes before returning for the rinse down. If your shower has a handheld showerhead, you can simply use that to rinse off the cleaner. Otherwise, you can use a damp sponge – or a squeegee.

Stock a Squeegee

A cleaning squeegee with a long handle is a great way to clean your shower without having to crawl around on the ground. But you might want to consider stocking a second, shorter squeegee in either your bathroom or mounted inside the shower itself.

Soap scum and mildew take hold when you leave the shower and the walls are still wet. If you use a squeegee, and perhaps some of your vinegar cleaner, on the walls immediately after you get out of the shower, you can push away most of that excess moisture and minimize the risk of scum or mold developing.

You might feel odd using a squeegee every time you get out of the shower. But this quick hack can greatly reduce the frequency of your deep shower cleanings.

Windshield Treatment Spray

Head to the automotive section of your local big box or hardware store and you should quickly spot windshield treatment spray that's designed to keep rain from accumulating on the glass. There's no magical quality to windshield glass that makes the spray work. The same spray and principal can apply to your shower door glass.

After you do your initial deep clean of the shower, spray the windshield treatment fluid in an even coat on the inside of the door and allow to dry before using the shower. The windshield treatment will make the interior of the glass easier to squeegee clean and will minimize the risk of soap scum or water streaks.

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