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DIY Window Replacement

It's not as hard as you might think it is to replace a window. Usually, I prefer to have an experienced glass company take care of it when I need a window replaced, but sometimes, they can't get to me as fast as I'd like, or I can't afford a new window right away. I keep a few inexpensive panes of glass and some supplies in my garage so that I can temporarily replace a window until I can get the glass company to my house to install a better one. This is definitely something that anyone could learn to do, so I decided to start a blog about it to try to teach others how to replace windows. Whether you're temporarily replacing a window or you want to do a permanent job, you can learn the basics here in this blog.

DIY Window Replacement

  • 3 Potential Issues If You Don't Replace Your Damaged Windshield

    10 May 2019

    Do you own the vehicle that you're driving now? Has the windshield been damaged recently by a rock or by some other piece of debris? If you've never had to deal with this situation before, you may be wondering what needs to be done if anything. The right course of action is to have the windshield repaired as soon as you can. While dealing with a broken windshield isn't terribly difficult, it is still something that many drivers try to put off for as long as possible.

  • Why Window Film Is Good For Your Storefront

    19 February 2019

    As a business owner, you are likely always looking for things you can do to offer your customers a comfortable environment and to protect your business from criminals and vandal. You may want to use window tint which can help with various problems that you face as a business owner. Here are just some of the reasons why window film can be a great addition to your windows. Protect your interior and display items